► Sat, 9 June, London

Ca. 1,600 nude WNBR London participants inmidst dense traffic and crush with a lot of thumbs up around them in a good mood.

2018-06-09 WNBR London

► Sun, 10 June, Brighton

A caressing sea breeze at 24°C perfect for nude skin at Brighton WNBR. Weather again helped to make the WNBR in Brighton successful. Thanks to that, inclines on the steep coast were also effortless. In the end, engaged naturists could choose between bathing in the ocean and listening to the live music of the “Phantom Limbs” or combining both.

2018-06-10 WNBR Brighton 1  2018-06-10 WNBR Brighton 2  2018-06-10 WNBR Brighton 3  2018-06-10 WNBR Brighton 4

 – Report and photos: Rainer

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