Theatre season opening with 20 nude dancers on 8 and 9 Sep

tanzhaus nrw in Düsseldorf presented 20 nude dancers on stage for the season opening. “The staging becomes a good-humoured exploration of the human body, better: a still life of the flesh, in which the dancers wiggle, click, wobble, sweat, and clap their bodies together …” was the notice in avance. A trailer gives a first impression of it.

Trailer: “More than naked” (, Jerusalem 2016

Doris Uhlich: “more than naked” – Photo: Theresa Rauter

7 of the approx. 400 spectators were nude on Friday.

At our request, tanzhaus nrw gave us the freedom to be in the buff in the main hall and its entrance area . Not only 20 artists danced in the nude, but we were also on Friday evening watching in the nude.

Nobody was surprised, when we took off all our clothes and left them in the cloak room.

When we sat in the main hall as nude spectators between clothed ones, we were asked by many aside: “Why are you nude?” Most common answer was, “If I want to understand and empathise with the work of a nude artist, that's only possible, if I'm nude myself. You feel with them so much more intensely!”

The dance performance was very body oriented: Bobbing muscles of buttocks, arms, legs, and abdominals, penises and women's breasts following the centrifugal force, when jumping and jumping, bodies clashingly bouncing against another, athletic jumps and skilful falls onto the floor characterised the impression next to sensitively detailed studies of the human body

After the piece had been shown, Doris Uhlich – now dressed again – stayed in the entrance area to answer questions by interested vistors. We naturists participated in this Q&A session too, naturally in the nude. It was a very normal “All together in the altogether” situation – everybody relaxed and accepting all others without thinking about being dressed or nude.

The performance was worth the trip!

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