► Sat 10 September: Circling Schwarzes Moor [10 September 2016]

Circle path around Scharzes Moor
Circle path around Scharzes Moor
On Saturday, we circled the area of Schwarzes Moor [en: Black Moor] in a clockwise direction, starting with the waterfall at the Eisbach [en: Ice Brook].

Compared to similar hikes in earlier years, we met far more hiking groups on the tour:

All approx. 25 encounters with textile wearers proceeded joyously up to animatedly, partly we could answer some questions concerning our hobby.

► Sun 11 September: Round hike at Ellenbogen Mountain [11 September 2016]

Eisenacher Haus [en: Eisenach House] on Ellenbogen (814 m) was until 1989 a popular destination for Russian officers – vodka flowed like water.

In the meantime, Eisenach House is again an excursion inn and hotel for Rhön tourists.

The view from the neighboring Ellenbogen [en: Elbow] marked the beginning of our hike in the buff. We descended over mowed hayfields in direction to the village of Kaltenwestheim. Then, we ascented back to the starting point. With 350 m cumulative descent and ascent, the tour was quite challenging at 28°C in the afternoon.

At the end of the day, we arrived at Eisenacher Haus and enjoyed cool and hot drinks, cakes, and ice cream.

Maize field near Kaltenwestheim
Maize field near Kaltenwestheim

We took memories of a successful Rhön hiking weekend home!

 – Report and photos: Horst and Rainer

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