Norbert Sander, publisher of photo books “Nackedei” and “Nackedei 2”, plans a 3rd volume of his series of books. In search of new ideas and motives, he participated in the TNT hike on Monday on the “Saale-Horizontale”. Here is an excerpt from text and pictures, which Norbert made available to us in advance:

Some people, who looked on Monday from the city of Jena to Kernberge Mountains, 20180716 1612 On small tracksnearly did not trust own eyes: Obviously, a group of nude people was moving high above the roofs of Jena on the Saale-Horizontale. Anyone, who thought that was a mirage at the high temperatures, had to understand with a second look the latest, that that was not the case: Yes, actually 31 nude ramblers moved from Radis in the direction to Ziegenhain. The Jena photographer Norbert Sander, publisher of a series of books called “Nackedei”, accompanied the hikers and caught some impressions. They should find their place in the 3rd book of the “Nackedei” series in 2019.

Although men were clearly in the majority, there were also some women. Andreas from the vicinity of Rudolstadt has been initiated the “Thüringer 20180716 1638 Saale-HorizontaleNaturistentage”, which are becoming more and more popular. “There is a base of fans participating regularly. Many plan this very definitely for their holidays.” For example Rita and Dieter from Schmalkalden, who participate almost the whole week. There are such beautiful spots on the doorstep, you don't even have to go far away. This is the tenor of many participants. Nevertheless, naturist hikers from all parts of Germany also take part. They come from Rhineland, Palatinate, Bavaria, and Saarland. And above all from Saxony. There, the “Saxon Nude Hiking Days” will take place at the beginning of August. Participants from England and France also appreciate the nude community.

This year's hikes take place from 14 to 26 July. The routes are mainly completed in the Saale Valley Dam region, in the Thuringian Forest and near Bad Klosterlausnitz. On 18 July, there will be a cycle tour and on 20 July a canoe tour on the Hohenwarte Dam. There is also a central accommodation for those, who take part in several hikes.

Read Norbert's whole text:
Textilfrei auf der Saalehorizontale – Jenaer Berglandschaft war ein Ziel der Thüringer Naturistentage” (PDF).

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