Also in 2020, an international group of naturists from Ireland, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, and Germany met again in a side valley of the Zillertal to hike in the nude in alpine surroundings. In the beginning, it was cool and wet, later it was summery, partly hot and sunny, and we all had a week of fun and enjoyment together in the impressive nature.

Once, the naturist hiking group reached a suspension bridge. We waited patiently in a queue of clothed hikers near a hut above the well-known Schlegeis Dam. Everything was due to the motto "All together in the altogether".
videoplay16hd videoplay16sd "On a suspension bridge" 3:45 min [110 / 70 MB]

Text and photos: Rainer. Video: Pierre (France); post production: Rainer

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