Naked hiking in the mountains aroused our curiosity and we decided to travel to Mayrhofen on Sun 18 July. Due to heavy rainfall and resulting traffic obstructions (landslide), we arrived at the beautiful Alpenhaus Lacknerbrunn only in the evening, but safe and sound.
<br />Alpenhaus Lacknerbrunn is a former hotel inn.
1/30: Alpenhaus Lacknerbrunn
A group of about 30 people from nine nations had already undertaken a rainy hike that day through the Stilluptal valley, along the heavily swollen Stillupbach brook to the reservoir, but more or less clothed due to the temperature.
<br />The rain hike on Sunday offered the sight of magnificent waterfalls.
2/30: Waterfalls <br />Another waterfall <br />One more <br />And a swirling lake outflow
The two organisers Clarisse and Pascal had prepared the stay in the 100-year-old former inn with two- to four-bed rooms in such a way, that a poster with pictures and names of the participants, a hiking map marking the planned tours and – very important – a kitchen duty roster was available for all to see in the hallway.
<br />Supplying so many people already requires good shopping organisation.
6/30: Bulk buying
In the kitchen there was a cooking plan including recipes and ingredients, which had been procured in advance by Clarisse and Pascal and volunteers in Mayrhofen. The hut is located about a quarter of an hour's drive from Mayrhofen on a narrow uphill toll road.
<br />The changing kitchen staff provides breakfast, snacks for taking with you for the hike, and dinner every day.
7/30: Creative action in kitchen <br />The reserves are stored in the kitchen cupboard. <br />In addition to the kitchen and dishwashing schedule, the hiking schedule also hangs in the hallway. <br />Monday brought us stable weather, so that the bees could do their work again. <br />The distant view also benefited from good weather. <br />Cattle on the summit also no longer had to seek shelter from rain.
In principle, the days went as follows: Between 6 am and 7 am, the breakfast service prepared the meal. All participants ate breakfast and provided themselves with provisions until around 8 am, before the dishwashing service went to work. For the most part, the departure in carpools to the starting point of the days' hikes was scheduled before 9 am – depending on the journey up to 45 minutes even before 8 am.
<br />During Tuesday's hike, this gem caught our eye.
13/30: Gem <br />The arolla pine is said to have an air-purifying effect – that' s why it is also available as a room spray. <br />From the summit cross, you have a good panoramic view – even without climbing up. <br />But it wasn't really warm despite the strong sun – clothes also protect against cool wind.
Some of these were quite challenging, often with more than 1000 metres of altitude. During short breaks, we put on sunscreen, caught our breath, and drank. For lunch, we looked for places by lakes, streams, or with a wonderful view.
<br />Blue, blue, blue blossoms the gentian.
16/30: Gentian <br />The distant view on Wednesday was overwhelming.
We had a variety of encounters with clothed people, most of whom reacted with benevolent amusement. One such encounter with a Czech family with two teenage boys turned out to be a good thing after the mother's desperate attempt to keep the boys from looking at us hikers. Due to the arduous path, we overtook each other again and again, which finally ended in the family coming to terms with us in a friendly manner, so that the boys were also allowed to look!
<br />A stone bench without back and armrests can also be cosy.
19/30: A cosy stone bench <br />Sheltered from the wind and in the blazing sunshine, deckchairs beckon. <br />Thank goodness, Google Translate is working up here! <br />The chicken coop has housed many generations of chickens – but it still stands. <br />A memorial to pipe smokers. <br />A powerful rushing brook finds its way.
One incident did not go so well. Our hiking trail led past a farm. We were expected from afar, curiously excitedly running back and forth, including a child. The old-established farmer's wife called our appearance a “mess“, and that too in front of the child, who, however, did not seem at all shy or averse. She kept calling out, “Away, away!“. At the other end of the yard, the farmer continued the verbal insults: “Where are you staying? There will be consequences.“ Our attempts at appeasement were of little help.
<br />Also on Friday, we had a beautiful view across an alpine valley.
23/30: Aline valley <br />A summit figure stretches out its hands. <br />The dam shows its turquoise water surface. <br />The water level allows for a footbath.
After returning each evening, at best the cooking service first rushed into the shower to then celebrate the ladling out of the prepared meal between 7 pm and 8 pm. In the meantime, some hungry hikers had already strengthened themselves with snacks and drinks.
<br />A miracle flower in the meadow
27/30: A miracle flower in the meadow <br />An alpine dweller greets us from afar.
In addition to the accommodation costs, there was a food contribution for everyone, which meant they could help themselves to everything to their heart's content. After dinner, Clarisse and Pascal announced the plans for the coming day in French, German, and English, before the dishwashing service disappeared into the kitchen, while the rest of the hiking group, dressed in naturist clothing by the way, ended the evening in the cosy lounge, sometimes by the warm tiled stove. Often, the night was not that long, because it was time to get up at 6 am the next morning.
Our most heartfelt thanks go to Clarisse and Pascal!
We are very happy to be there again next time,
Angela & Jochen

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