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We learned about Miru Kim and her work at the festival “Body and Freedom”, which the performance artist, organiser, and director Thomas Zollinger created and directed in 2015 in Biel / Bienne, Switzerland. On the evening of the first day, Miru Kim offered a very informative and detailed presentation of her work. She gave us a long lecture with an extensive selection of her photos from visits to deserted areas of New York's deep underground, high on top of spires of bridge constructions and in pigsties in the countryside in the USA to document the living conditions of pigs in farms for the mass production of meat, from months of stays in Mongolia and in Jordan under the simplest living conditions. You can get a small impression of her presentation, which we followed with great interest, by watching her following TED-Talk presentation in 2007:

Publicly available videos document examples of Miru's themes, created photos, and working methods:

  • Website Miru Kim:
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