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Amit Bar is a Dutch artist, who knows how to combine nudity with photography, video, body painting, yoga, and harmony with nature. He runs a blog with his works and with commentaries on current events. Four of his impressive videos can be modally accessed directly via the links to his website (below the thumbnails in each case). You can access the video by clicking on the scroll arrows on the left side of the modal window. You can access all other content via the menu symbol at the top right.
In his blog The difference between nude photography and sex, Amit Bar states:

I often encounter a strange attitude among people and organizations, who can’t distinguish between nude photography and sex. In their opinion, both are evil and should be banished or limited to adults only. In my opinion, there is a great difference between the two. I suppose that the only common thing between them is, that to be able to have sex you need to be (partly) naked. […]

I presume that many people who object to nudity have a problem more with themselves than with nudity. […]

 – Source: „The difference between nude photography and sex“ (, 2022, layout changed by the editor
In his blog Back into Middle Ages, Amit Bar summarises his experiences about censorship by YouTube (google):

Popes Innocent X and Clement XIII covered Vatican sculptures with fig leaves. Pope Pius IX went further and removed genitalia from the sculptures. Their attitude against nudity was their way of underscoring modesty and conservative approaches.

Previously, we could laugh about this behaviour by the popes. But we have now reached an age that brings us back to the same attitude. In 2020, deep in the 21st century, social media giants like YouTube and Facebook are busy with deleting everything which is against their medieval norms. Regularly, my art works suffer from this policy. After many of such cases I have therefore stopped posting my art on Facebook. Facebook’s daughter company, Instagram, is a little more tolerant, but the difference is not big. There too, censorship is operating full-time.

Recently, a thumbnail of my video on YouTube was deleted ten times (!!!) within 44 hours. It was deleted by YouTube to protect your sensitive soul. They claim that the chosen picture (Here left, on YouTube as big as a post stamp!) is against their community rules. Because it did not actually go against their community rules, I appealed ten times and they placed it back ten times until they got tired of the bullying game. Do YOU understand this? I don’t.

Part of this way of bullying is, that one cannot appeal to anyone directly. It is always an anonymous NoReply email that lets you know that Big Brother is watching you, correct you and punish you.

 – Source: „Back to the Middle Ages“ (, 2022, layout changed by the editor

Amit Bar also describes, how the platforms, falsely labelled as “social”, do not even allow his to earn money by presenting his art on these platforms - only the anti-social platform operators themselves (google, Mark Zuckerberg …) earn from it, when artists like Amit Bar present their works on Facebook, YouTube, etc. – on Amit Bar's website, you can watch more of his videos and photos. Also, he offers photo prints of his creations.