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Classified art videos

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Amanda Palmer is a USA born singer-songwriter and performance artist. She describes her life experience in the book “The art of asking”.

If there is one thing that is important for the natury website, it is: Trust! Amanda illustrates this during a lecture with a photo taken during one of her concerts: She stands in the nude amongst her fans, handing out markers – pens for writing and painting on whiteboards – and invites them to write and paint on her body. She tells her fans: “I trust you. Should I? Show me!

You can get an impression of her experiences and ideas, if you watch the following video of her presentation as part of the “TED Talks” series:

The following videos give an impression of her work. “Want it Back” has a reference to the nude body, impresses with a complex combination of music, video, animation …

… “DROWNING IN THE SOUND” – independently produced with money provided by fans – shows which mastery in combining several artistic disciplines a team of creative people can achieve. Two other works – “The Bed Song” and her satirical commentary on BREXIT “THE FRENCH BREXIT SONG” – illustrate the range of artistic interests in Amanda's work.