Symbiosis Project – the work of Alexis Kosh

“Objective: To defend a healthy, harmonious vision of the body, create a collection of photographs representing all the diversity of the human being, be it by age, style, origin … (from 0 to 100 years old, from 10 to 200 kg. Singles, couples, families …). All this, in order to get these pictures presented by art galleries.

Body ‘positive spirit’, acceptance of yourself and others, non-discrimination, refusal of the cult of appearance.
The designer starts with a first creation. The style adopted by the model makes a second creation, the chosen location (outdoors) a third, the photographer's view a fourth.
No retouching to erase physical particularities.
No paint motif ‘erasing’ the body, but on the contrary bringing it to the fore.

Alexis, project designer, body-painter. I have worked as an author on video games, comics … I do canvas, street-art, I write personal development ebooks, lead workshops for children (philosophy, science, art).”

 – Source: ‘Concept & contact’ (, 2022, translated, layout modified by the editor
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Alexis: naturisme & cubisme
 – Source: ‘naturism & cubism’ (
With the title ‘Best of body-painting & shooting’, Alexis has put together a collection of his most beautiful body art photos on his website.
Alexis describes new approaches to his artistic activities in a blog post; natury website offers a partial translation of the article ‘Naturism and Cubism’, in which he calls on his French compatriots, to use the great naturist facilities in France themselves more, so that the French are not ‘colonised’ by holidaymakers from the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium …
Best of body-painting & shooting
Best of body-painting & shooting’ (
A similarly harmless, happy family photo with father, mother, and child as the one above below the headline has incidentally prompted Instagram to block Alexis' entire account. He himself writes about it:
“Instagram seems to have permanently deleted the Symbiose project account. I can't even connect to my account anymore. Gone are the exchanges, the messages, the thousands of accumulated Likes, and the 1,500 or so followers.

At issue was a simple father / mother / daughter family photo, on which the rules of Instagram had been respected, and which was of course an artistic expression without the slightest ambiguity or any connotation whatsoever.

Of course, one solution would have been to make a drastic selection, but … it wouldn't have been the Symbiosis project anymore. I was under the impression that they would delete a photo or two from time to time, not that they would abolish the account overnight.

… That's life!”

 – Source: ‘Censure Instagram’ (, 2022, translated, layout modified by the editor
Apropos: While searching the internet, we found an article entitled ‘LA CENSURE INQUIÈTE LES ARTISTES – Censure des œuvre d'art sur les réseaux sociaux’, according to which France's Academy of Fine Arts opposes censorship of art by so-called social Internet platforms.