Encounter with textile wearers
Encounter with textile wearers

If you want to join a naktivity like e.g. a hike or a cycling tour for the first time, you may ask yourself, what to consider:

How to participate in an initiated naktivity?

You will find an overview of initiated naktivities (hikes, bike rides, sports etc.) in the calendar of naktivities. You may use it by browsing through the whole view of entries sorted by date or you may filter it by category.

Pls take into account, that the software does not support a multi-language set-up comprehensively. It is translated as far as possible. Entries are often in German, perhaps in German and English, or in another language. Pls ask the initiator of a naktivity of your choice, in which language you two could communicate the best.

By clicking onto the information symbol ? right of the headline of a naktivity, you will get a description of the event and information how to register. In most cases, there is an e-mail address or a link to a web registration form given. Just use it in order to register.

A few days before the date of the naktivity, the initiator will send you information by e-mail about the meeting point, arrival, and the course of the naktivity. Usually the meeting point is a car park, from where the naktivity begins, but sometimes you meet at places easy to locate, from where you continue together by car to the starting point of the naktivity.

How do I behave on the spot?

At the meeting point, the initiator will welcome you. Then you only have to do that, what the other hikers do as well: First chat a bit, and when it starts, undress and start hiking. Most hikers prefer to walk on gravel paths with shoes and stockings, others wear sandals without stockings – shoes should be well worn to avoid blisters. On sand and meadow stretches, it is of course easier to change to barefoot walking, if you wear sandals without stockings – but you should be used to it!

What should I take with me?

A shoulder bag or rucksack can be helpful to transport provisions, especially a drink. How much you need to eat and drink is up to you.

What else?
  • A towel, you may sit on during your rest and you may use to dry off, could be helpful.
  • Handkerchiefs as needed.
  • Emergency clothing (gym pants, loinclothes, skirts, or similar) – only for the case, that a hike partially leads through a built-up area.
  • Warm clothing, if there is a risk of cold spells.
  • Rain and wind shelter, if there is a risk of rain or storm.
  • Sun protection, if there is a risk of sunburn.
  • Insect protection in case of hungry mosquitoes and biting flies.
  • Tick protection, if there is a risk of ticks.

You behave as a nude hiker like other hikers: We wish a good day, when someone encounters us, and answer openly and friendly, if someone asks us or speeks to us. We do not address other hikers on our own initiative, because we want to refrain from any action, that others might find annoying.

Of course, we naturally behave considerately and caring towards nature, animals, and people – we are naturists.

How to get more information?

The natury website offers a lot of reports about naktivities. There, you can get a good impression, how such naktiv events happen.

For those, who want to prepare themselves in detail, Nicole Wunram's book (in German) is recommended:
Nicole Wunram, “Nacktwandern”
Nicole Wunram,