GEO WISSEN no. 61 – Wind and sun all over your entire body
[en: “GEO WISSEN no. 61 – ‘Wind and sun all over your entire body’
‘For the case, that hikers in the buff have to cross a built-up area, they carry clothes in their rucksacks’”]


GEO WISSEN no. 61 (front page)German mag “GEO WISSEN”*) [en: “GEO KNOWLEDGE”] addresses in its issue no. 61 the topic “Time for your soul” and offers regarding advice, “How to slow down our life – and how to realise, what is really important for us”.

In addition to hints for healthy usage of the “time wasting smartphone” [translated German section title: “Dealing wisely with time-wasters”], this issue of the periodical focusses i.a. in a section “The art how to live well” on several hobbies, which can help to free us from the stress of everyday life and to let us find inner peace again.

A double-page photo article also offers the topic “Hiking in the buff” entitled “Wind and sun all over your entire body”.


GEO is a family of educational monthly magazines similar to the National Geographic magazine. It is known for its detailed reports and pictures. […]”
Source: “GEO (magazine)” (

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