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Brochure: Read more, then DIY

Rainer, an engaged and active naturist, has summarised some links to articles on websites concerning nude life, which we offer to click. In a small informational brochure (PDF)Brochure in the nude, he has collected essential topics of concerning articles – a suitable entry to get a first overview and then read more in Internet. Guido, a Dutch naturist, Germanist, and professional translator, has translated it into Dutch.

You may open or download a PDF version of the informational brochure to read more. We offer two versions: One is optimised to a small file size, the other to good optical quality.

For private, non-commercial purposes, we explicitly permit printing.

For that purpose, we offer a photomaster. The document's pages are formatted to A5 according to ISO 216. To print them on A4 size paper, the photomaster is easy to handle and more suitable for that purpose, because it contains the A5 size pages of the brochure side by side on a page in landscape A4 format:

Starting with paper leaves in A4 format, you will get a printed brochure in A5 format. Just put the leaves, which are printed on front and back, with the front towards below onto a pile and fold them in the middle. So, a brochure, in which you may turn over the leaves, is made (still unstiched), the A5 format pages from 1 to 24 in correct sequence.

  • PDF 1st page = and last page = leaf 1 front
  • PDF 2nd page = 2nd and penultimate page = leaf 1 back
  • PDF 3rd page = 3rd und 3rd last page of the brochure = leaf 2 front
  • PDF 4th page = 4th and 4th last = leaf 2 back
  • etc.

Tell your friends, your neighbours, your colleagues, your social network about your naturist hobby

For private, non-commercial purposes, we explicitly permit printing.
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You would like to …

… participate in a naktivity?

You would like to be naktiv yourself? Naturist initiators offer naktivities, like hikes in the buff, nude bike tours, swimming in the nude, nude paddling …, which they announce by means of the calendar of naktivities (user interface 80+ % in English). There, you may read the description and understand how to participate after registration with the initiator.

You may read further tips in:
Hints for your first naktivity

… initiate a naktivity?

You have already worked out the details for a nudevent and have chosen a date? Also, you would like to offer others to accompany you? Then, you may log-in as a user of the calendar of naktivities with your personal credits. If you do not have enregistered a personal user account, just do it once. After having logged-in, create a new entry.

You may read further tips in:
Hints for initiators of naktivities