We had a lot of sports and fun with nude hikes and a canoe trip in the nude.

Up to 20 naturists attended the naktivities. Musical entertainment in between provided the “Blues, Roots, and Song Festival” in Schneverdingen – just a reason to come back.

The aficionados of nude sports from all over Germany and neighboring countries spent 14 days in the Lüneburg Heath and the banks of the Elbe River with naturist activities and have enjoyed the specialties of local gastronomy at the end of the day. We could make a landlady of our guest room happy by giving her a T-shirt with the imprint “Vater, Mutter, Sohn und Lehrer – alle gehen” [en: “Dad, mum, son, and teacher – all are”], because she wanted to give it her grandson as a present.

On Sunday, 3 July, the group of hikers encountered a Heath Park ranger, who expressed vigorous concerns concerning hiking in the buff. With a few corrections concerning legal situation, he let himself calm down.

On Saturday, 9 July, then another Heath Park ranger appeared and wanted to stop the nude hike. He said, he had a mandate to advise nude hikers outside of the “official” nude hiking nature trail at Undeloh, that they must not be in the nude outside of this trail. In addition, he spoke of a deed “Erregung Öffentlichen Ärgernisses” [en: “Causing a public disturbance”], which of course is completely beside the point, because such a deed is per definition of the law always a sexual deed in public.

He did not believe that and called the police. A female officer initially spoke of “exposing genitals”, but we made it clear to her, that this was not the purpose of our hike. Another police officer answered by phone and asked for the personal details of the initiator of the hike. A few hours later, he called again and said, that there was no reason to intervene.

The initiator then gave this message to Heath Park ranger, who now clearly found it personally very unpleasant, to be be handled by police as “complainant”.

 – Report: Rainer

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